Tips to buy Turquoise jewelry

With so many imitations available in the market nowadays, buying real jewelry isn’t an easy task. Unless you know the right things, you shouldn’t prefer buying any jewelry at least on your own. Turquoise jewelry is also no exception. Turquoise is popular among the Egyptians, Chinese and Americans because of the belief that it saves the wearer from the unnatural death and harm. On the other hand, many also believe that wearing turquoise stone enhances wisdom, makes one kind and worth trusting. With these positive aspects of turquoise, buying a jewelry piece with turquoise stone is in vogue. However, before buying an authentic jewelry, keep the following points in mind:

Know the traits of turquoise

Before you buy turquoise jewelry, it is worth knowing that natural turquoise is formed under the heat and pressure and is a cumulative hydrous phosphate of copper and aluminum. When a miner finds the turquoise for the first time, it is soft in form. The gem is found in various colors that range from vivid blue to softer green, black matrix, brown to yellow ocher. These colors owe to the presence of copper and iron. Blue color is due to the presence of copper and green as well as other colors are the result of copper compounds. The real turquoise is always opaque.

Understand that turquoise gems are stabilized  

As stated above, the turquoise gemstones are soft, it doesn’t mean that all the stones used in the jewelry are mere imitations. The reason being that all the turquoise stones used in the jewelry are stabilized as the natural ones are too soft to be used for the purpose. The process includes dipping the gems into the stabilizing compound.

Augmentation applied to turquoise gems

Before you buy turquoise jewelery you should know the different enhancements outlined by the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA). Never forget to know/read about the treatments applied to the gems. In case the treatments aren’t mentioned clearly, you should ask the seller for the details. If the seller does not disclose the details, avoid buying  from him.

Identifying tips

Turquoise gems are mined all over the world. However, knowing little facts will enable you to identify the real ones from the fake. The determining factor in this case is the color of the gemstone. Arizona mines have sleeping beauty turquoise in plenty – it is solid in form and the color varies from royal to light sky blue. Chalk turquoise, which is white and porous, is in abundance in Chinese mines. Persian turquoise, which is famous for Robin’s egg blue color, comes from Iran. Bisbee turquoise, which is found in various shades of blue, is mined in Arizona.

Prefer buying from reputable seller/jeweler 

To avoid paying real deal for the replica turquoise stone jewelry, prefer buying it from a reputed seller or jeweler. Try identifying the turquoise stone and the region it comes from as the price varies accordingly. Also, just ensure you buy authentic jewelry, be it turquoise jewelery, moonstone jewelery amethyst jewelery, corals and pearls etc.

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