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Statue Art

Statues of Kali are purchased for many different reasons. Some just want the statue in their homes to display on a mantle, others are given as gifts to friends. There are many sizes that can be purchased from small five inch statues to very large 27 inches high. Consider the space where the artwork will go before buying any one piece. If buying Kali as a gift, think about where the recipient may be placing the statue before buying one that is too large.

Goddess Kali

The kali artwork statues are made of polished or antiquated brass. They are situated in many different poses such as fighting or dancing. When a statue is purchased it is going to be a personal choice as to which one of the dozens available fits perfectly into its space. Every home that decides to display a kali statue is going to have a special spot to display the unique piece. Whether the one chosen is solid brass in color or has multiple colors incorporated in the design is going to be a personal choice for each buyer. In addition, each one is priced at different points so be sure to check on your budget before going overboard with an extravagant piece.

Before purchasing your very own kali, consider where the statue will be placed. If it is on the fireplace mantel or a dresser top remember that there should be space for the piece. Don’t over crowd your art or set it where it could get knocked over. Make a space that is specially designed for the kali statue, where you can enjoy looking at it, and where your guests are sure to ask where it came from. This is a piece that was designed especially for those that understands who this Hindu Goddess is.

The Hindu Goddess, Kali ( has been formed into a brass statue that can be bought for an affordable price and put in many different places. Find a special spot in your home or office to put the brass statue. The artwork will be something that guests will be asking questions and talking about all evening long. Don’t miss out on the special opportunity to have a unique piece of art for your home.