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What Makes Gold Jewelry Highly Sought After

The use of gold as a material for jewelry can be traced back many centuries. The popularity of gold has never at any point of time waned but continues to draw a lot of admiration and appreciation by many people. Matter of fact is ornamental jewelry plays an integral role in fashion and among the precious metals, gold clearly stands out.

Gold used in ornaments comes either as white gold or natural gold which will vary from the highest quality rated as 24 carat while the lowest grade of gold will come as 10 carat gold. The higher the carat the more valuable it is but also the softer the precious item hence posing challenges particularly as an ornament to be worn on day to day basis. Factors making gold ornaments highly favored include the following:

Highly Valuable and Easy to Maintain

Since time in memorial gold has always been regarded as one of the most precious material and still holds true in the modern world. Unlike most other ornamental items which are constantly faced with price volatility, gold’s worth remains stable both in the short as well as the long term. This attribute also explains why many people opt to use gold ornaments as a form of investment as well as a stable way of holding wealth. Gold ornaments also are resistant to stains hence will not be eroded or affected by the natural environment thus making it easy to clean and maintain gold ornaments. A simple wash and polish will bring back the gold luster in a matter of minutes hence maintaining its pristine value.

Authentic and Malleable

Gold ornaments come in a wide array pegged on region, culture, level of goldsmithing, value as well as the artistic value. Despite the variance of the product sources any gold ornament whether Chinese, Spanish, Egyptian or Indian gold jewelry among many other forms will appeal to anyone who understands gold jewelry due to its genuine nature that supersedes the ornamental value.

Gold is also very malleable thus can be crafted to practically any jewelry item .It is also easy to fuse gold with other metals to form alloys that are more sturdy and durable, some of the materials used to form alloys with gold include silver, nickel, copper and zinc among other materials. Gold plating is also used to achieve the same gold appeal but a more pocket friendly cost.

Wide Array of Jewelry Items

A person who appreciates gold as well as jewelry will find it easy to find a suitable ornament, gold ornaments will come in practically any form or size and also easily available from retail stores as well as online. Earrings, necklaces, bangles, rings, pendants, chains, bracelets, hair clips and ankle chains are readily available at reliable online stores such as, thus giving a shopper a wide selection as compared to other precious metals. Click here to browse through the range of jewelry. Having a deeper understanding about gold ornaments and the intended adornment will help in maintaining the value and durability of the ornaments, gold ornaments for day to day wear need to be more sturdy and resistance hence coming in 14 to 18 carats.

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Why do Hindus worship Hanuman?

Religion is a thing of importance in Hindu society. There are thousands of gods and goddess and they all get due reverence for their different yet important roles. One of such god is Hanuman aka Maruti. Maruti’s has great importance in Hinduism due to the supporting role he played to lord Rama in Ramayana. To know why Hindus worship the lord of monkeys with so much devotion and austerity, we will start exploring the related interesting facts.

The background:

Trinity of gods – Brahma the creator, Vishnu the maintainer or preserver and Shiva the destroyer – generally governs the Hindu religion. As per the Hindu mythology, people believe that the creator, Vishnu, usually takes birth on earth to protect and counterbalance goodness against rising sin and vice in the society. One of such incarnation of Vishnu is Rama in Treta yuga. Bajrang (Hanuman) took birth to follow and serve god Rama – be whatever the situation is, even at the cost of his life.


Lord Bajrang was the son of Kesari, the king of monkeys, and Anjani, the daughter of maharishi Gautam. The incarnation of lord Shiva, the purpose of Maruti’s birth is to serve and assist Rama, the incarnation of Vishu, in Ramayana.

Various names and Role:

Hanuman, which is also known as Bajarang, Anjaneya, Maruti, Pavansut, Pawankumar and many other names, is an incarnation of lord Shiva that he contributed to support and serve lord Rama in his human avatar. Ram has a great place in Hinduism and people worship Marutinandan as a motiveless, devout and real servant of Ram who sacrificed his comfort, happiness and above all, his life to serve Rama for a noble cause.

He is famous for:

Maruti, the mighty ape, is remembered for playing a considerable role by leading at various fronts in Ram’s expedition against evil forces, represented by Ravana, to get Sita released and kill Ravan as well as destroy his diabolic empire. Maruti played a great supporting role not only to irradicate the evil forces but also in laying the corner stone to establish the empire of peace and justice. Due these qualities, Hindus worship Maruti. He is a staunch follower of Rama as well as a symbol of devotion, strength, perseverance and commitment. To know more about Hanuman.

Worshipping Maruti:

It is believed in Indian mythology that worshipping Maruti solves all purposes – be it financial, moral or any other concerns. Procedure to worship Bajrang is described in details in various Hindu religious books. Tuesday and Saturday are the days of Maruti and people fast to pay obedience as well as give special offerings to him.

A role model:

As per the Hindu Panchang (calendar), people celebrate the birth anniversary of Maruti every year with zeal and enthusiasm on the Purnina (full moon) of Chaitra month (March). The material used to worship includes rice, red flowers, Kumkum/sindur and followers generally wear red cloths to worship Pavanputra. In order to please Pavansut, one needs to chant the hymns devoted to the deity that include Chalisa, Asthak, Bajarang bana, Stawan etc.

The character of Bajrang tells the common masses about unlimited powers every one has and how to use them gain eternal peace and salvation. There have been other gods of great importance, say for instance, the elephant god LordGanesha. To knowm more about lord Ganesha, Click here

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Indian Ethnic Dresses – Grandeur with Pinch of Classism

Ethnic Indian clothing is acclaimed across the world for being elegant, exquisite and ostentatious. A woman has a range of comely apparels to choose from –  sari, salwar kameez, lehenga choli, churidar, and many more.

Most states of Indian have ethnic clothing unique to them. Even the sari which is worn all across India is worn in different ways in different states of the country. Fabric, embroidery and other characteristics of the apparel also change with the geography. Tropical climate of India has been a big reason for the popularity of sari. It is an apparel not just used in daily clothing and traditional events, but can now be seen in upscale, contemporary events. The sari has reinvented itself with modern times. The new avatar of sari is as sleek and comfortable as any other modern dress. However, there are many who will only vote for conventional style, embroidered saris.

Lehenga choli is another dress worn in many parts of the country especially Rajasthan. If you travel to the state, you will find local women wearing lehenga or ghagra choli, busy in their daily grill. Several fabrics are used for making lehenga choli such as silk, cotton, georgettes, etc. You can’t leave the state without getting impressed by the looks of beautiful women looking even more beautiful in lehenga choli. Many of these women also use jewelry and bangles to complement their looks.

Salwar kameez is the recognized attire of females belonging to the Indian sub-continent. The dress is a reminder of the Mughal era. Mughal ladies wore the dress and gradually it made way into the houses of other communities as well. It is a kind of dress that endows a kind of graceful look to women. The attire is available in intricate designs and patterns. Salwar-kameez with meticulous craftsmanship can be a proud addition to one’s wardrobe.

Indian ethnic dresses are now even gaining popularity in western countries. Taking cue from it, many designers have launched ranges of westernized Indian clothing lines to suit their customers’ taste. Designer salwar kameez and other Indian attire are popular with them. At the same time, there are people who prefer wearing dresses having clear ethnic stamp on them.

All the Indian dresses whether it is sari, salwar kameez or lehenga choli, offer combination of comfort and style. You can choose perfect ethnic Indian apparel to wear to work, parties or even wearing casually home. Depending on the occasion, you may choose to wear a simple dress or apparel with embroidery, stone work or sequins. Variety available is mind boggling. In fact, when shopping for ethnic Indian dresses online, you will be spoilt for choice.

People who admire Indian clothing but do not live in the country can buy it online. Research a bit to find a website that offers full range of ethnic Indian clothes. You can shop on these websites sitting in comfort of your home. Order what you like and it will be delivered at your doorsteps.

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Buy Indian Pashmina Online And Look Lovely This Winter

Winter is the time when you are compelled to compromise on a few fashionable outfits. A tank top or shorts might not be the right dress code when the mercury is dropping. However the one thing you can surely do to brighten up your bland winter outfits is by teaming these up with some colorful accessories. Be it a scarf, hat, or shawl, it is not that tough to find some trendy and elegant accessories which go well with your gown, jeans, or skirts.

pashmina shawl

India presents some very colorful ranges of winter outfits and accessories which are ethnic and fashionable at the same time. The Indian Pashmina comes to mind instantly. Intricately hand-spun and woven in basically northern parts of India and Nepal, Pashmina fame has spread beyond Indian territories. In fact, European countries are really crazy about Pashmina as they love its vivid ranges, softness, and rich feel. This is why many tourists end up buying a Pashmina while visiting India.

With the emergence of several e-commerce stores offering their exclusive Pashmina ranges, you don’t really need to be in India to buy a shawl or scarf. The Internet nowadays is flooded with dealers and manufacturers trying to sell Pashmina shawls. This in turn means it has become quite easy and cost-effective to buy Indian Pashmina online. The common belief that a Pashmina can be owned by rich people only has been refuted by these e-commerce sites which bring to you an exclusive and authentic range of products at really competitive prices.

Indian shawl

The one very important point to check out when you buy Indian Pashmina online is whether it is authentic or a fake version. There are many stores which would sell silk shawls naming these as ‘Pashmina’. So you need to be very careful before loosening the purse strings. The quality and cost of Pashmina will vary according to the wool type. While the Cashmere Pashmina is most expensive, Merino wool comes with a lower price tag though the feel is very close to Cashmere Pashmina.

If you attempt to buy Indian Pashmina online you will find that the price typically starts from 4K-5K and can be as high as 50K depending on yarn count, complexity of weave and design. A plain single colored Pashmina is cheaper than a multi-colored embroidered one. The more intricate the design is, higher will be the price. A single colored Pashmina with floral embroidery on the border is also in demand nowadays. The soft, subtle and lightweight material of Pashmina has the right capability to please your senses. Designed by highly skilled craftsmen, an exclusive range of Pashmina shawls can render a vibrant touch to your bland wardrobe.  Designed splendidly in a variety of bright colors, woolen Pashmina shawls can give you a warm, elegant and trendy look. So if your wardrobe is still missing this beautiful piece then it’s the right time to buy Indian Pashmina online for that subtle and stunning look! Just be careful to do the purchase from a reliable store only to ensure an authentic buy.

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At The Potter’s Workmanship

This oil painting has a finish bordering on the surreal. The brushstrokes are rough-hewn, like lines from a receding memory. The tone of the composition is captured in the cowdust hour light that pervades the painting. The same is cut through – coldly, in an almost bizarre fashion – by a collection of delicate, pristine compositions at the potter’s shop.

Potter’s Workmanship

In fact, it is what dominates the centre of the composition, its peculiarity enhanced by the scantily clad street-entertainer who stands afore the shop and looks on at those works. This painting is of a moment of wonder, of an extent only possible in dream-frame.The rest of the men in the frame pay no attention to her – they are used to her presence, having probably seen as much of her as there is to be seen. The surreal appeal of the painting is complemented by the realistically portrayed earth that dominates a major part of the foreground.

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Sree Bhakta Dhuruva Mahathmiyam

Dhuruva was born to the king Uthanapadha. He was the son of his first wife. The king Uthanapadha was very much attracted to his second wife and was not shown much interest with Dhuruva. Depressed by this unfavourable act, Dhuruva went to the forest and meditated Lord Hari. After several years, Lord Hari appeared and granted him a boon to become a GREAT STAR – DHURUVA.

Dhuruva then went to his palace and being received by his father and mother with much joy and he was crowned after his father. After completing his good goden rule, he attained the Star Position. Even now we can see one Bright star shining in the sky. That is Bhakt Dhuruva.

Dhuruva due to his bhati, has attained the position of the Star. He will not be conquered by any one. Even in Maha Pralayam, there will be no disturbance for him and he will be shining in the sky for ever. He is fulfilling the wishes of his devotees even now. Dhuruva Dhuruva due to his bhati, has attained the position of the Star. He will not be conquered by any one. Even in Maha Pralayam, there will be no disturbance for him and he will be shining in the sky for ever. He is fulfilling the wishes of his devotees even now.

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6 Best Ways to Place a Buddha Statue!

Today, Buddha statues are placed at all kinds of social occasions, from curio shop to office and modern home. The images are found on linen, jewelry, and tapestries. But nothing compares to the sight of crafted Buddha statue placed on the threshold of a room.

Read these six simple instructions below to place Buddha statues properly among various locations of your house.

1. Before placing a Buddha statue, you need to find an appropriate place. Basically, you may want to give him a superior perch, like a raised mantle or platform. Also make sure that you do not surround Buddha statue with meaningless clutters and unnecessary objects.

2. Another best place to place a Buddha statue is in your garden. Place a garden Buddha statue among plants and flowers to enhance the beauty of you garden. The statue will improve the beauty and the growth of your garden by channeling positive vibes into it from the universe and the landscape. Be careful while buying statue appropriate for the garden, though. Buddha statue, for example, must be designed for outdoors and should not crack or melt in the outdoor conditions.

3. Alternatively, you can place the statue of Buddha at the central location of your home and fill the house with vibrant positive energy. While placing the statue in the middle of the home or the room, make sure he is not blocking the flow of the energy or you will not trample the statue with your feet or toes.

4. You can also place the Buddha statue on your desk, where you spend most of your time on creative work. If you create artworks, place the statue inside your artistic studio. Or if you work with computer, place Buddha right next to it, or beside your printer. So, when you are busy on working on your creation, you will get positive vibes (energy) from the statue and make you calm and positive. This will ultimately improve the performance of your work.

5. Place Buddha statue on the front room facing the main door. This will also help ward off evil spirits.

6. Give Buddha the highest honor by making him the central focus of your personal shrine. You can surround Buddha statues with other smaller statues, meaningful objects like lucky stone, lucky penny, sacred candles, or crow’s feather.

Buddha is a symbol of tolerance, positive energy, and exceptional kindness! So when you place several forms of Buddha statue, be it in garden or in the center location of your house, you will experience more positive energy and kindness!

Buddha statue are really special and have the ability to totally alter the living space. When you have Buddha, you will begin to introspect in life and also develop several inner qualities, like tolerance, patience, loving, and kindness.

Around many countries, particularly in Asia, the statue of Buddha is respected and worshipped daily as he’s believed to bring both good fortune and happiness in one’s life. Buddha also represents inspiration as well as all the fundamentals qualities of human nature for leading a good and tranquil life. All statues that are handcrafted and available for order via online stores or on offline stores are designed to evoke that same faith, serenity, and tranquility.

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The charming Ganesha and the effervescent Saraswati

In Hinduism, idol worship is a prominent form of worship. For Hindus, worship and devotion comes through praying to the idol or image of God. Each religion has its own features and specialities; idolatry is one such feature of Hinduism. According to holy books and the shastras, each God or Goddess should be prayed to in a particular manner. Forms of prayers and respect also differ from area to area and state to state. For instance, the incarnations of Vishnu are prayed to in a very specific manner, while the incarnations of Lord Shiva are prayed to in a different manner. Female Goddesses are much respected and feared throughout the religion. 

Maa Kali, Goddess Durga, Maa Parvati, Lord Sita, the effervescent Lakshmi and Saraswati are some Indian Goddesses widely prayed and revered throughout India. As a mark of devotion, there are various temples across the country and beyond. Worshippers and devotees celebrate festivals and pray in harmony to these Goddesses. Hindu Goddesses are an excellent epitome of strength, patience, power of women and equality amongst masses. Each Goddess has an uniqueness about her.

If you are interested to deck up your collection of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, look for statues, idols and images online. Beautiful and exquisite figurines can be found online that can adorn your home and beatify the space. Make your home an abode of peace and quiet by bringing in charming idols and statues of Indian Goddesses.  There are other religious artefacts associated with each worship. Talk to a pundit or expert in worship and religion to understand right manner of showing reverence upon the God or Goddess.

So, if you are looking for Indian art, such as Saraswati statutes online or Ganesha idols, you should first make yourself aware of the practices and methods associated with the worship of the deity. Goddess Saraswati is the goddess of education, music and other art forms. Those wanting to excel in education and the performing arts, are known to pay their respects to Saraswati in the prescribed manner. Saraswati Puja is a popular and much awaited festival in India, celebrated at the onset of spring.

Lord Ganesh is famous among the business community and those wanting a turn over a new leaf.

In Maharashtra, Lord Ganesh is worshipped during the colourful and famous Ganesh Chathurthi, in a very different manner as compared to his worship in the state of Andhra Pradesh or West Bengal. Rich in detail, content and structure, the stories of Lord Ganesh are full of mirth plus moral.  We pass on these stories to our children and welcome them to the magical and enchanting world of mythologies. The most fascinating thing about Indian mythology is that it cuts across all religions in India and enthrals us all in equal measure.

While the basic premise of the folklore or the mythological tale remains the same, in different regions of India, one will find different versions of the story. The detailing and tasselling is as unique as the culture of the state. For instance, the incarnations of Vishnu are prayed to in a very specific manner, while the incarnations of Lord Shiva are prayed to in a different manner.

Devotion, admiration and reverence to God or a mythological figure is not solely through prayers. One can express their admiration for the same through various other means. Some people are enthusiastic about collecting a variety of renditions and types of statues of different gods and goddesses of India. Statues, if made by an experienced and seasoned professional, are pieces of art in themselves. Materials used in these statutes can be a gold plating, a bronze statue, a brass one, statues made up of alloys and so on.

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Durga Puja – Worshipping the Wife of Shiva

Durga Puja is more than the periodically observed navratra in the subcontinent, or a joyous autumn harvest festival. Spiritually, it runs so much deeper than that: it marks the battle of Devi Durga with the king of asuras, Lord Mahishasura. The great austerities of the latter had earned him from Brahma Himself the boon that he could be overpowered by no male, and it had filled the buffalo-king (‘mahish’ in Sanskrit means ‘buffalo’) with the kind of arrogance that is possible only at the realm of the asuras.

So when the devaloka army succumbed to him in battle, they gathered in great solemnity to put together a nari-roopa (female form) that would be the death of him. While the very idea of it was laughable to Mahishasura, he ended up vanquished and bleeding at Her feet – a powerful image, the Mahishasuramardini (in Sanskrit ‘mardini’ means ‘female annihilator’), that is traditionally reproduced in abundance across Bengal, Odisha, and Assam during the Durga Puja festival.

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Bring In More Positivity In Your Life With Kali Goddess Statues

The importance of female goddesses in the Hindu religion is something most of us are well aware of. Kali is one such goddess in the Hindu religion, and she is the significance of liberation and death. She is also considered as the source of fertility and life. The powerful and fierce image of Goddess Kali has always been a mesmerizing one, and the ways in which the artists depict Goddess Kali are simply amazing. Her depiction as blue or dark colored goddess makes her look entirely different from rest of the female goddesses in the Hindu religion.

No doubt, having a statue of Goddess Kali in your home can bring in a lot of positivity. If you browse through the online market, you can come across plenty of options in terms of size and material of the statue. But, before you shop for Kali goddess statues, let us know a little about her.

Kali Goddess Statues

Knowing more about Goddess Kali

For those who do not know, the origin of the word Kali is derived from Sanskrit. In Sanskrit, the word ‘Kal’ means time. It is believed that Goddess Kali takes away all the pain and darkness from her devotee’s life and she bestows on them, pure or true light. Like you can remember, in most of the artistic depictions, Kali is portrayed as a naked goddess, featuring multiple arms, with fiery red eyes and a tongue that hangs out of her mouth.

As a matter of fact, the reason why her tongue hangs out of her mouth is she accidently places her foot on Shiva, her husband. When goddess Kali was causing destruction around, because of rage, Lord Shiva himself lay down in front of her, requesting her to calm down, so that further destruction can be prevented. Hence, she bites her own tongue in shame as soon as she realizes that she has set her foot on her husband’s chest.

Apart from the characteristics mentioned above, there are many more elements that make her image even more fearsome. If you check out the statues of goddess Kali, you will find that she carries a severed head of a demon in one hand, while holding a sword with another hand. On her waist, you can spot a belt comprising of severed arms of demons. So, the significance of goddess Kali is related to the destruction of the negative elements.

Why empower your home with Kali goddess statues?

Having a statue of goddess Kali in your living space can be highly beneficial. It can certainly bring in a lot of positive changes in your life. A lot of people place statues of goddess Kali in their home because it is believed that she will protect us from dark magic, evil spirits, debts, sickness, betrayals, obstruction, losses, defamation, and traumatic events in life. So, all you need to do is check out the assortment of goddess Kali statues at the online store of Exotic India and place your order instantly.

A lot of people experience the impact that the presence of goddess Kali’s statue makes. Her unlimited power can fill your living space with positive energy, and driving away the negative ones. These things really matter in determining the amount of success you achieve in life. Negative energies often cause obstruction in your path to success, which in turn makes you feel de-motivated and depressed. So, if you don’t want negative energies to affect your life or the lives of your family members, get a beautiful Kali goddess statue right now!

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For those who want to shop for Kali goddess statues, they can check out the beautiful collection available at Exotic India.