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Why do Hindus worship Hanuman?

Religion is a thing of importance in Hindu society. There are thousands of gods and goddess and they all get due reverence for their different yet important roles. One of such god is Hanuman aka Maruti. Maruti’s has great importance in Hinduism due to the supporting role he played to lord Rama in Ramayana. To know why Hindus worship the lord of monkeys with so much devotion and austerity, we will start exploring the related interesting facts.

The background:

Trinity of gods – Brahma the creator, Vishnu the maintainer or preserver and Shiva the destroyer – generally governs the Hindu religion. As per the Hindu mythology, people believe that the creator, Vishnu, usually takes birth on earth to protect and counterbalance goodness against rising sin and vice in the society. One of such incarnation of Vishnu is Rama in Treta yuga. Bajrang (Hanuman) took birth to follow and serve god Rama – be whatever the situation is, even at the cost of his life.


Lord Bajrang was the son of Kesari, the king of monkeys, and Anjani, the daughter of maharishi Gautam. The incarnation of lord Shiva, the purpose of Maruti’s birth is to serve and assist Rama, the incarnation of Vishu, in Ramayana.

Various names and Role:

Hanuman, which is also known as Bajarang, Anjaneya, Maruti, Pavansut, Pawankumar and many other names, is an incarnation of lord Shiva that he contributed to support and serve lord Rama in his human avatar. Ram has a great place in Hinduism and people worship Marutinandan as a motiveless, devout and real servant of Ram who sacrificed his comfort, happiness and above all, his life to serve Rama for a noble cause.

He is famous for:

Maruti, the mighty ape, is remembered for playing a considerable role by leading at various fronts in Ram’s expedition against evil forces, represented by Ravana, to get Sita released and kill Ravan as well as destroy his diabolic empire. Maruti played a great supporting role not only to irradicate the evil forces but also in laying the corner stone to establish the empire of peace and justice. Due these qualities, Hindus worship Maruti. He is a staunch follower of Rama as well as a symbol of devotion, strength, perseverance and commitment. To know more about Hanuman.

Worshipping Maruti:

It is believed in Indian mythology that worshipping Maruti solves all purposes – be it financial, moral or any other concerns. Procedure to worship Bajrang is described in details in various Hindu religious books. Tuesday and Saturday are the days of Maruti and people fast to pay obedience as well as give special offerings to him.

A role model:

As per the Hindu Panchang (calendar), people celebrate the birth anniversary of Maruti every year with zeal and enthusiasm on the Purnina (full moon) of Chaitra month (March). The material used to worship includes rice, red flowers, Kumkum/sindur and followers generally wear red cloths to worship Pavanputra. In order to please Pavansut, one needs to chant the hymns devoted to the deity that include Chalisa, Asthak, Bajarang bana, Stawan etc.

The character of Bajrang tells the common masses about unlimited powers every one has and how to use them gain eternal peace and salvation. There have been other gods of great importance, say for instance, the elephant god LordGanesha. To knowm more about lord Ganesha, Click here


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