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Mahavidya Matangi

The Goddess Matangi is a mix of the quiet and the savage from the Hindu pantheon of goddesses. She is the shyaam-rang (dull complexioned) type of the Goddess Saraswati Herself, Who showed herself as the girl of the chandala, Rishi Matang. This was a result of his exceptional goal to Brahminhood through the procurement of information (Saraswati is the goddess of learning). Mahavidya Matangi (of extraordinary learning) uses in her four hands the sickle demonstrative of her savagery, a kapala representative of her relationship with incineration grounds (chandalas have customarily been in charge of the ceremonies following passing), and a thin veena that compares Her to Saraswati. As it were, Mahavidya Matangi is the Tantric type of Saraswati.

Mahavidya Matangi

In this unique watercolor, She sits on a fragile pink lotus in full blossom, Her novice laid on a lotuspad. Her figure is full and wide, decorated with abundant golds and pearls and gems. From underneath Her detailed ruby-and emerald-studded gold crown develops an ocean of eminently wavy, crimped dark tresses that apparently have their very own existence. Note the gleam of the third eye that suffuses the Devi’s even sanctuary.

Undulating slopes, their verdant coat set off by the finesse of the sundown sun, comprise the foundation, together with two or three sanctuary like structures to one side of the artwork.


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