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The charming Ganesha and the effervescent Saraswati

In Hinduism, idol worship is a prominent form of worship. For Hindus, worship and devotion comes through praying to the idol or image of God. Each religion has its own features and specialities; idolatry is one such feature of Hinduism. According to holy books and the shastras, each God or Goddess should be prayed to in a particular manner. Forms of prayers and respect also differ from area to area and state to state. For instance, the incarnations of Vishnu are prayed to in a very specific manner, while the incarnations of Lord Shiva are prayed to in a different manner. Female Goddesses are much respected and feared throughout the religion. 

Maa Kali, Goddess Durga, Maa Parvati, Lord Sita, the effervescent Lakshmi and Saraswati are some Indian Goddesses widely prayed and revered throughout India. As a mark of devotion, there are various temples across the country and beyond. Worshippers and devotees celebrate festivals and pray in harmony to these Goddesses. Hindu Goddesses are an excellent epitome of strength, patience, power of women and equality amongst masses. Each Goddess has an uniqueness about her.

If you are interested to deck up your collection of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, look for statues, idols and images online. Beautiful and exquisite figurines can be found online that can adorn your home and beatify the space. Make your home an abode of peace and quiet by bringing in charming idols and statues of Indian Goddesses.  There are other religious artefacts associated with each worship. Talk to a pundit or expert in worship and religion to understand right manner of showing reverence upon the God or Goddess.

So, if you are looking for Indian art, such as Saraswati statutes online or Ganesha idols, you should first make yourself aware of the practices and methods associated with the worship of the deity. Goddess Saraswati is the goddess of education, music and other art forms. Those wanting to excel in education and the performing arts, are known to pay their respects to Saraswati in the prescribed manner. Saraswati Puja is a popular and much awaited festival in India, celebrated at the onset of spring.

Lord Ganesh is famous among the business community and those wanting a turn over a new leaf.

In Maharashtra, Lord Ganesh is worshipped during the colourful and famous Ganesh Chathurthi, in a very different manner as compared to his worship in the state of Andhra Pradesh or West Bengal. Rich in detail, content and structure, the stories of Lord Ganesh are full of mirth plus moral.  We pass on these stories to our children and welcome them to the magical and enchanting world of mythologies. The most fascinating thing about Indian mythology is that it cuts across all religions in India and enthrals us all in equal measure.

While the basic premise of the folklore or the mythological tale remains the same, in different regions of India, one will find different versions of the story. The detailing and tasselling is as unique as the culture of the state. For instance, the incarnations of Vishnu are prayed to in a very specific manner, while the incarnations of Lord Shiva are prayed to in a different manner.

Devotion, admiration and reverence to God or a mythological figure is not solely through prayers. One can express their admiration for the same through various other means. Some people are enthusiastic about collecting a variety of renditions and types of statues of different gods and goddesses of India. Statues, if made by an experienced and seasoned professional, are pieces of art in themselves. Materials used in these statutes can be a gold plating, a bronze statue, a brass one, statues made up of alloys and so on.


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