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The Finer Points To Consider When Looking To Buy Buddha Statues Online

The great sage Siddhartha Gautama, better known to the world simply as the Buddha, lived nearly 2,500 years ago. It is incredible to think that even after all these millennia the name Buddha still evokes the ideas of peace, serenity, universal love and simplicity. One of the main reasons for this is probably the various forms of Buddhist art that have survived into our times. They flourished and evolved across the ages as the teachings of Buddhism spread from India to the rest of the world, especially parts of Asia. Buddhist sculpture is perhaps its most prominent branch, one that is universally recognized across the world.

We have all seen Buddhist statues somewhere or the other. In different media, at religious centers, historic landmarks and most significantly in people’s homes. There is a phenomenal demand for Buddhist statues. People buy statues of Buddha for different reasons. Some buy them for the obvious religious significance. Others might buy them more from spiritual perspective, for meditation and all. Then there are the vast majority of people who are on the lookout for that perfect Buddha statue for their home or garden just for aesthetic reasons. With the rise in popularity of the eastern philosophy of Feng Shui, there are still more people looking for a suitable Buddha statue to usher in the right kind of positive energy in their homes and lives.

Beginners looking to buy Buddha statues online can find a wide variety of choices. In fact, the diversity of choices when it comes to Buddha statues in terms of size, region of origin and art style can actually confuse and confound the novice buyer. There are different postures and hand gestures of Buddha commonly depicted in statues and each of these has unique meanings and symbolism. Other than statues of the Buddha himself, once can also find other Buddhism related statues online. There is also wide variety of choice of materials, ranging from tone, ceramic, brass, mosaic, copper, porcelain and many more.

A very common and broad distinction that can be made on Buddha statues available for sale is based on whether they are intended for placement indoors or outdoors. Placing Buddha statues in gardens outside homes is an age old tradition. For this purpose, the more serene, meditating Buddha statues are chosen. It is always advisable to learn a bit more about Buddhist practices and customs before one decides to buy Buddha statues online with the intention of placing them in the garden. It is always nice to avoid causing offence to other people’s religious beliefs. Faux pas like placing Buddha statue on bare ground can be considered offensive.

 People commonly buy Buddha statues online ( to place in the indoors in a specific corner of the house or a separate room. The placement of the statue is often based on Feng Shui principles as well. There are rules governing placement of Buddha statues. They should always be placed on a pedestal or table and never on the ground. Ideally, no other object or furniture should tower above your Buddha statue or cast a shadow on it. Also never ever place your Buddha near a kitchen or toilet. That is a deeply offensive thing to do! Buddha statues can be found in different poses like the reclining Buddha, Earth touching Buddha, medicine Buddha, protection Buddha etc. Read up a bit about each of these poses and styles before making a final decision on your purchase for best results.    


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