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Here is Why You Should Gift Ganesha Idols

India a diverse country but predominantly Hindu, as far as religious orientation is concerned. The Hindus are devout followers of their faith and believe in idol worship. If you visit a Hindu household, you will always find idols of their deities adorning the walls and sculptures gracing a small makeshift temple. It is their deep faith that has personified gods for all these centuries.

Having said that, Hindu idols are not just limited to temples for worship, but also make up an important part of home decor. You will often find Hindu art [] in people’s homes, most common being the idol of Lord Ganesha.

Many people who do not belong to the Indian culture often look at the elephant god with curious eyes. Since they don’t know the history, they cannot tell the significance of this god in Hindu art


Indian culture is very interesting and has a very strong faith based logic behind every lord they worship. The same goes for the elephant god, or as Hindus call him, Lord Ganesha. The elephant headed god is often represented with multiple hands and a mouse as his carrier. While kids love his funny looks, adults in the house preach the lord for his divine powers. Lord Ganesha is so popular among Hindus that his idols and paintings make the most important gift during festivals and special occasions.

People of Hindu faith believe that by pious presence of Lord Ganesha, their homes and lives will stay protected from all the obstructions and ill-intentions. People often pray to Lord Ganesha before they are starting something new in their lives. It is believed that Ganesha helps his followers by blessing them with prosperity and good fortune.

The idol of the lord is often placed in front entrance of the house to protect their homes from evil energies and wrong people from entering. It is also an endearing way to greet the visitors with the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

Since so many people gift Lord Ganesha’s idols to their close friends and family, there are many types of high quality statues you can find that make up a beautiful and a thoughtful gift. You can check out the Indian handicrafts online store to buy these idols or shop around in your local market to get the best looking idols for gifts. Some sellers may also offer delivery and gift packing options to its customers.

If you have a friend who is starting new life or a family member about to embark on a new journey, you give them a Ganesha idol and wish them success for their future endeavors. With the lord’s powerful blessings, your close friends and family members will attain prosperity.


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